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MoonOwl's MajicWater

Blessed by the Reverend MoonOwl herself and personally Energized by the Light of the Full Moon, MoonOwl's MajicWater has been imbued with the Power of Positivity. So when you are feeling blue, just open the vial and dab a bit onto your pulse points to make you feel right as rain again.

The MajicWater also features sparklies of Authentic Rose Quartz within for added Energies of well-being and joy. Your vial of of MoonOwl's MajicWater also comes with its own little pouchie home to keep it cozy, safe and warm.

Want a vial of MoonOwl's MajicWater for your own? Click below to buy only $8.88 each plus shipping and handling!

*MoonOwl's MajicWater is not intended to be ingested and is purely for entertainment purposes only. MoonOwl makes no claims to any actual healing abilities of this Majic Water, but with the power of positive thinking, majical things can happen!

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